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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I cannot tell you how excited I am about the fact that Lost is on tonight!!!  But I must say that I'm quite nervous, because I've heard that even though it's the last season, they're not going to reveal all the secrets!  Booooooo!!!  My husband and I started watching Lost in it's 3rd season, and we rented the first 2 seasons and watched them.  We were hooked!!  We literally watched Lost every night for about 2 months. 

I am so excited about seeing these guys:

There's a lot of TV gossip over "who will Kate pick? Sawyer or Jack?"  I think the choice is obvious...

My husband and I jokingly call Sawyer "my boyfriend." 

One thing I'm very excited about is seeing this guy again.  He was one of my favorite characters, WHOM THEY KILLED!!!   I cried my eyes out when he died!!

9PM cannot get here soon enough!  I am DYING!!!  
On a random note, I'm getting my hair cut today.  There's no school, but I have rehearsal, so I'm trying to put a post up really quick before I go to the salon!  Maybe I'll let her do something new and exciting.  Or maybe not...

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