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Monday, June 6, 2011

28 Weeks

No picture yet, because we're living at my parents-in-law's house!  How did that happen, you ask?  We have no air conditioning.  We noticed about a week and a half ago that there was some frost on the unit that's inside the house, and it was making a weird noise.  Colby called the guy, and he told us to turn it off for a couple of days and change the filter, and see if that helped.  Nope.  Still got frost.  So the man came out there, and our whole system is INSTALLED WRONG!!!  We've been waiting on a part to fix it for over a week now, and we're camping out at Colby's parent's house.  With Piper.  Who has had "bad potty" on the carpet no less than EVERY DAY!!!  It's getting kinda old....but I digress.... 

How Far Along: 28 weeks.

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a small cabbage.  He's getting big!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've gained about 22 pounds already.  I'm a little scared of that number, since I still have about 2 1/2 months to go...

Maternity Clothes: Maternity all the way!

Gender: IT'S A BOY! Emerson Wilde Martin!

Movement:  He has been WILD the past two days!!  I love it!  I'm doing a play right now, and he LOVES when I'm talking on stage.  He just goes crazy!  Hopefully, theatre is in his blood!

Sleep: Still really hard to get comfortable, but I'm sleeping pretty well. As long as I don't drink a ton of water at night, I don't pee every five seconds.  I've also been having some leg cramps at night, which wake me up.
What I miss: Not a thing! I love, love, LOVE being pregnant!

Cravings:  Still not a lot.  I CLEARLY need to lay off the sweets, though, because I failed my glucose test on Monday. :(  This means I have to take the three hour test next Monday. Yeah.  Not looking forward to THAT.

Symptoms:  Heartburn is still around, but it's actually getting better a little.  I cannot tolerate ANY fruit flavored Tums, so I've switched over to the mint kind.  Like them SO much better!  I'm also having some hip pain, but I know that's typical.  It's not bad or anything, just annoying.
Best Moment this week: It actually JUST happened!  I'm sitting here, feeling Emerson squirm all around, and he stayed in one place long enough for me to feel this little part of him THROUGH my stomach.  I'm pretty sure it's a foot, but who knows?  Second guess is elbow or knee?  Anyway, there he stayed, and I could just rub his little body part with my hand.  AMAZING!!!!!!!  I am so in love with this little boy already!

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