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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Piper Dog

Piper goes by many names:  Piperika, Boosey, Fauna, and Piper-dog.  She is the worst dog in the world, and we LOVE her.  We got her from the shelter when she was 6  months old.  Someone had taken her before, when she was 3 months, and had given her back because she chewed furniture.  Now, have you ever met a puppy that didn't?

She has chewed many, many, many things in this house over the past two years. The best was when we went to Disney in Fall 2008 and came home and saw the havoc.  One of my dearest former students, Emily, had kept Piper (and at that time we had another dog that we have since given to a better loving home--another story).  This is what Piper had chewed/destroyed:
1.  The corners of: the china cabinet, our dresser, antique child's table, boot chair, two over-stuffed chairs.
2.  She had peed on the floor numerous times.  Thank God for Emily, or it would've just been there.
3.  She ate two pillows off our bed.

This was after she had eaten over that past year:
1.  A patch of carpet underneath her crate.  She learned how to scoot out the under-tray.
2.  A couch cushion.
3.  4 brand new rugs.
4.  Probably the equivalent to a roll of paper towels.
5.  A sewing kit, buttons, needles, and all.  She didn't die.
6.  Two pans of brownies (you know what they say about dogs and chocolate? Not true.)

She also CANNOT be outside without a leash because she will run away and not come back for hours.  Trust me, nothing can lure her inside.  She's too smart.  She just comes in when she's darn good and ready.

We hated her for the longest time, but she is very endearing, because she's the smartest dog either my husband or I have ever had.  Her latest trick is that she is obsessed with a laser pointer.  The first time she ever saw it moved, she was hooked.  Now she thinks it's called "The Red Bug" and if you even say it, she'll look for the red bug for 20 minutes.  She tries to catch it by leaping straight up in the air and pouncing on it. Hilarious.

Piper is definitely one of those Marley and Me situations.  Very bad dog.  Funny dog, but very bad dog. 
But she's ours.

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