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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Am Not a Commercial, I Promise!

Ok, this is the silliest post EVER, but I have to tell y'all about my new pot scrubber brush.  It came from Williams and Sonoma (I know, I'm "posh"--just kidding, it was a Christmas gift card purchase) and it is AMAZING!!!  Lookee here:

Do you see the long handle?  The brush part is just wide enough, and it scrubs really well!  I LOVE THIS THING!!! For the first time ever, I want to wash dishes.  This is crazy, I know.  It costs $4.50, but I would WILLINGLY buy another one, even without a gift card.  I also love how it's wood, and not plastic.  I love wood handled kitchen tools.  I'll have to do a post some time about my antique ones.  They work so much better than new tools.

But I digress..

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