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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Disney Trip 2010

We went to Disney from June 14-June 19.  We had a blast, but we didn't take NEAR as many pictures as we usually do, because we have pictures of EVERYTHING!  Ha!  We did our vacation a little differently this year. We usually stay in a moderate resort during a time when they have free dining, but this time, we HAD to go in the summer (they're offering free dining in the fall) because I'm out of vacation days.  Plus, even though it is crowded in the summer, the parks are open for HOURS later than they usually are.

So we stayed at a Value Resort (Pop Century) and paid for all our food.  It was a great trip, and the focus was eating, so that's always good!! :)

This is what I did the majority of the way to Florida, since we left at 3AM.  It was worth it, though!  We got there around 2:30 and got to spend the rest of the day in the Magic Kingdom.  Colby forgot his camera, so we didn't get any other pics of that day.

And so begins our eating journey...cinnamon rolls...mmmmm....
The aquarium at Epcot.
I'll bet we have 12 pictures like this, at least.
At Pop Century!  Note:  I was in LOVE with this romper!  I wasn't so sure when I bought it, but it was perfect for Disney!  Very cool and comfortable!

Quintessential castle shot...

They brought back the Electric Light Parade!  It was awesome!  I've gotten tired of watching Spectromagic! the past few years! know you've been to Disney too much, when....
We always take pictures in the teacups!  It's our favorite!
Hollywood Studios in the Indiana Jones gift store.  Snakes!!!  (Colby was pretending to be Bear Grylls and act like he wasn't scared, ha ha)

This was the AMAZING!!! dessert we got at The Flying Fish Cafe.  What an incredible place to eat!  We ate there on our honeymoon, also, and it was scrumptious then, and even better now!
Colby at Flying Fish...
This was the CUTEST Cheshire Cat birdhouse that we found.  It's made by Jim Shore, and it was SO PRECIOUS!
Mr. Potato Head was dead.  It was kinda creepy.  We rode Toy Story Midway Mania three times that day.  Once waiting at park opening, then with fastpass, and then we walked on right at park closing, and hardly waited at all.  I highly recommend doing this!  They'll let you on with about three minutes to go.  It's great!
In front of the Great Movie Ride...
Before riding Kali River Rapids.  We NEVER ride this, but it was SO HOT!!! 
And after...ha ha.
The gibbons at Animal Kingdom.  Love them.  There was a mama and baby that were so cute, but they were too far away to get a picture.
Shot of Everest!  We rode three times that day, but then it got rained out.  There was a MONSOON!!  I've never, ever, been so wet in my life.  It was literally like we'd jumped in a pool with our clothes on by the time we walked to the parking lot!  Miserable!  I was SO GLAD we drove that day instead of riding the bus, because those buses are FREEZING COLD!!
Giraffes on the safari!
At Rafiki's Planet Watch the next day!  Love that place!  You ride a train to get out there, and they have a petting zoo, and an animal veterinarian exhibit, and characters.  It's really fun.
Magic Kingdom picture, taken by a security guard!

Colby pretending to be Jimmy Carter in the Hall of Presidents.  We each pretended to be several presidents, but I look HORRIBLE in all the pictures, so I didn't include any of them, ha ha!

The swinging bridge on Tom Sawyer Island.  We hadn't been out there in two years, ha ha.

On the back walkway from Tomorrowland to Toontown Fair. 

Back at MK, going to see the Country Bears! 

Dark clouds over the castle...getting ready to rain...again...

At Narcoosees, MY FAVORTE RESTAURANT EVER!!!  That almond cheesecake is SCRUMPTIOUS!

Sitting in the Grand Floridian lobby.  They had an amazing piano player, and then after that, a big band.  I love that hotel!  We've never stayed there, but we will someday!

And then there was THIS woman, wearing her bathing suit in the hotel lobby.  Colby was pretending to take a picture of me.  It was hilarious.  I know that's wrong, but we laughed so hard.  She just looked SO out of place in the lobby!

We had one of the best vacations ever, but I think we're going to cool it on Disney for a couple of years.  They're getting ready to do some AWESOME things to Fantasyland, and I think that we're going to wait until they're totally finished to go back! 

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