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Monday, January 11, 2010

Puppy Antics

Please look at this animal.  She is hilarious. 

Yesterday, I was at the grocery store, and picked up one of these humongous rawhide bones for her.  She's not had one in months, and she just LOVES them.  She becomes 100% obsessed with it, even before I unwrap them. 

Last night, she was loudly chewing it in our room, and so Colby kicked her out.  So then she proceeded to prop the bone against our bedroom door, and gnaw as hard as she could, banging on the door the whole time.  I swear she does these things on purpose.  Colby took the bone away and put it in our closet.  So this morning, before she went outside, she went to get her bone, and TOOK IT OUTSIDE WITH HER.  Of course, she then left it out there.  And we weren't about to go get it, since it was FOUR DEGREES this morning.  No thanks, Piper.

Of course, she's gotten it back tonight, and we've been able to amuse ourselves by watching her chew this ginormous bone.  Love this dog.


I tried to get a picture of her carrying it through the house, but she's too fast for me.

Just so you know, she also "hides" her bone in the house.  I stuck my hand under my pillow one night and felt something weird.  And, yeah, there it was.  Thanks Piper.  I'm glad that our bed is just one giant yard where you can hide your things....

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