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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Save the Drama for Your Mama, This is Theatre Class!

It will NOT stop snowing in Western NC!  It has pretty much snowed every day this week.  We've gone to school Monday, and today, and it looks like we won't go tomorrow.  As much as I love snow days, I'm directing two plays for Drama competition in March, and we MUST rehearse!!

Speaking of which, anyone who says they dislike middle schoolers doesn't know what they're talking about.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these kids.  My degree is K-12, so when I was in college, I had to observe and intern in all three grade levels.  Loved elementary schools.  Uncomfortable with high school.  HATED middle school.  (Probably because I hated it so much when I was in middle school.) So, when it was time for me to student teach, of COURSE, my advisor placed me at a middle school.  I loved it from the first day.  I was hooked from then on out.  When I was offered a job in my hometown teaching Drama at the two middle schools, I couldn't believe it.  God really does have mysterious ways...

My favorite grade is seventh.  Sixth graders are babies, like elementary schoolers, and eighth graders are "too big for their britches" as we like to say.  But I really like them all.  I wish I could tell you all of the hilarious stories that I have from over these past seven years.

And yes, they have problems.  And HORMONES! But most of them have tremendous hearts.  I've seen it come out of them so much when they find something they're passionate about, like the Holocaust, or anti-bullying, or treating everyone equally.  And you wouldn't believe the hearts many of these kids have for Jesus.  They passion that comes across their eyes when they're telling me about their church, or helping someone less fortunate, or sticking up for someone who's being picked on.  Amazing.

And yes, whenever God blesses us with children, I would LOVE to stay home.  Some days I think I'm made for that.  But then I have a really, really, wonderful, productive rehearsal like I did today, and I just don't know...

I have such a heart for Theatre.  I was made to be onstage, or directing.  It is such an incredible experience to watch a sweet little shy sixth grader turn into a brilliant eighth grader, winning acting awards at competition.  I love these students.  It is an honor to be entrusted with their Dramatic education.

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